Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is the name of a notorious Facebook faker, who spends a ton of real time musing about female clients of her “Booty Builder” Fitness Personal Training business. This person will go on and on every day, with multiple and detailed posts, fantasizing about essentially sexually harassing her clientele. I wonder how they would feel knowing it’s a man, camouflaging his journal as a female poser? The real model is a fitness model with over a million followers on Instagram, named Jacqueline Petzak.  This poser is so engrossed, they have actually even created a Facebook Page about their fake personal training business, Amanda Davis Booty Builder Personal Training.

However, with just a bit of searching, we were able to determine that a very similar logo was created back in 2012 by a Charlie Belvin Designs.

Could it be that Charles Belvin of Cheshire, Connecticut is the real identity of the very fake Amanda Davis? Hmmm, at age 32 its quite plausible he could be a personal trainer but we will leave that up to you, our readers to determine…



Charlotte Fahey aka “lotta”

Here we go again. Our poser friends can’t leave well enough alone, so they try to actually create new accounts using some of our own personal information to try to “scare” or “threaten” us, but these tactics are nothing but weaksauce, and will always get exposed here. The latest fake account on facebook is a girl named Charlotte Fahey (Lotta), (an obvious reference to the previously exposed Lotta here.)  Here is the phoney, Charlotte Fahey. But the photos are actually a pinup model named Austin White, who can be seen here on her instagram page. Reporting this fake is probably a prudent idea.

Hailey Chisehall

The legendary Hailey Chisehall is a notorious pic fiend and poser on Facebook. Every now and then this person shows up with new photos, stolen from a girl named Cristina Leigh Greco. “Hailey” has over 4000 followers somehow, and similarly to the ridiculous “Han Family”, never or rarely actually chats, nor looks at messages. This person seems to merely get off on posting pics for attention, and for this reason we have decided to expose her/him. We have of course notified the real girl.

‎Choice Topi Choicetopi

One thing we hate is when a person using someone else’s photos makes a call to action for others to report someone else using the same pics. This alone is grounds for us to get involved. Here is an example: Choice Topi Choicetopi (yes, that’s the name lol) This person tags a ton of people in her pics and then asks people to report other posers using the same stolen pics.


The actual girl’s name is Leticia Daniela. Here is her Instagram.

Dale aka Charlotte Hansen

One of the worst and longest-running male posers on the net is a 43 year old man from Ontario, Canada, as of this writing, only known to us as Dale. When this misoginyst, inept cybersexer/cyberfighter is not chasing down our previously featured poser Kimmy Rodriguez, he’s making profile after profile in order to emotionally manipulate unsuspecting real life friends who happen to be women, by posing as a woman. He feels they open up a lot faster when he chats as one of them. *sigh*. This guy is wholly betraying, and disrespectful to real women, yet considers himself a patron saint of his fellow posers, who he often likes to believe to be real. He has some real issues and we wish he would get some real help and stop being the lowlife worm that he has become. He’s sworn time and time again, to just give it all up, only to return a few days later, making another profile, or finding another unsuspecting victim he can seduce.

Here is his ridiculous confession to a friend:
(Click image to read)


Here is one of us reporting him to the real woman he pretends to be, Shandi Rae Anderson:


Dale goes by several names currently, such as:

Charlotte Hansen


Allyssa Berto


Lindsey Vandelaar


Carolyn Pope


Barbara McGill

 *Footnote: This loser Dale has now threatened one of us because of this blog. Saying he’s going to take us on and share personal chat logs and everything. Well, let’s state, for the record, right now, that once upon a time this dickwad created FALSE screenshots to prove the supposed confession of one of us as to being a male. Then later another of us got him to confess that he created the whole thing, and he apologized. Please don’t make us post THOSE logs as well, fucker! Do what is right, Dale, vacate all your poser profiles, and go back to your REAL life and work on making it better, and leave us real ladies alone, please? kthnx!

Sara Clark

There exists on Facebook a very annoying, self-righteous person who goes around publically shaming anyone who uses fake pics, as if this person doesn’t herself use wholly fake photos and live that life lol – no – I am not referring to myself, because 1) I openly tell people when I am using “facsimiles” if I am on such an account, and 2) I am a real female who is always willing to verify in any way necessary. This type of person, Sara Clark, just loves to fuck with her fellow posers and acts super confident that she is real, and the rest of you all are criminals or something. Well, rejoice my friends, because Posers Exposed has found her pics. Sara has long been pretending to be Katrina Flegg. Her FB is here. Her IG is here.