Dale aka Charlotte Hansen

One of the worst and longest-running male posers on the net is a 43 year old man from Ontario, Canada, as of this writing, only known to us as Dale. When this misoginyst, inept cybersexer/cyberfighter is not chasing down our previously featured poser Kimmy Rodriguez, he’s making profile after profile in order to emotionally manipulate unsuspecting real life friends who happen to be women, by posing as a woman. He feels they open up a lot faster when he chats as one of them. *sigh*. This guy is wholly betraying, and disrespectful to real women, yet considers himself a patron saint of his fellow posers, who he often likes to believe to be real. He has some real issues and we wish he would get some real help and stop being the lowlife worm that he has become. He’s sworn time and time again, to just give it all up, only to return a few days later, making another profile, or finding another unsuspecting victim he can seduce.

Here is his ridiculous confession to a friend:
(Click image to read)


Here is one of us reporting him to the real woman he pretends to be, Shandi Rae Anderson:


Dale goes by several names currently, such as:

Charlotte Hansen


Allyssa Berto


Lindsey Vandelaar


Carolyn Pope


Barbara McGill

 *Footnote: This loser Dale has now threatened one of us because of this blog. Saying he’s going to take us on and share personal chat logs and everything. Well, let’s state, for the record, right now, that once upon a time this dickwad created FALSE screenshots to prove the supposed confession of one of us as to being a male. Then later another of us got him to confess that he created the whole thing, and he apologized. Please don’t make us post THOSE logs as well, fucker! Do what is right, Dale, vacate all your poser profiles, and go back to your REAL life and work on making it better, and leave us real ladies alone, please? kthnx!

Sara Clark

There exists on Facebook a very annoying, self-righteous person who goes around publically shaming anyone who uses fake pics, as if this person doesn’t herself use wholly fake photos and live that life lol – no – I am not referring to myself, because 1) I openly tell people when I am using “facsimiles” if I am on such an account, and 2) I am a real female who is always willing to verify in any way necessary. This type of person, Sara Clark, just loves to fuck with her fellow posers and acts super confident that she is real, and the rest of you all are criminals or something. Well, rejoice my friends, because Posers Exposed has found her pics. Sara has long been pretending to be Katrina Flegg. Her FB is here. Her IG is here.

Kimmy Rodriguez-Morgan

Let’s establish one thing here people: The delusional moron Kimmy Morgan-Rodriguez is a 100% fake (read: man) This person used to be on FB as Lisa Dupree, and got pics busted back then, and after a tearful confession, revealed her so-called “real pics”.


Well all of that is a joke because this is a person I asked to voice with me countless times, and he just always had an excuse. The next thing you know he becomes “Kimmy”, using the photos of a biker girl named Jessica Menezes, and has told people on here over and over that it’s really her!


Do not buy into this person’s sociopathology, for your own good. I did, now and then and wow am I sorry! I will be following up, as promised a year ago, with a video expose’ of this person very soon, because this one has to be the all-time worst offender on Facebook, that I have met. Just as a side note, this person is ALSO pretending to be her own friend, Jessica Renee Martin. Yes, that’s correct. It’s the same person in both profiles. (*update: Aww, jessica is “gone”; while the profile still remains, the supposed “real jessica” has disappeared suddenly and mysteriously – boo hoo!)

Goddess Puppy

This so called “Goddess” of his family is a sex addict and notoriously gross whore, who runs around taking multiple owners and wives, and skillfully and deceitfully juggles them all while keeping them all secret from each other. Gotta hand it to him: he must have a lot of free time to do all this crap, though tells his “family” he’s real busy with a new real-estate career lol. He recently lost almost all his little following due to getting caught lying, multi-posing, and just generally being a disingenuous duplicitous poser and douchebag.  This bag of dicks gets caught out there at times, however, and here is an example of him submitting to yet another domme behind his family’s back, roleplaying as a dog. (Exhibit B: click to enlarge!)


Who is Cassie Miller?

Ok so when I tried in earnest to confront this person “Cassie Miller(https://www.facebook.com/cassie.miller.1610092) as to why I was hearing “she” was planning to take Me and My friends down, (teaming up with a certain loser calling themselves Kimmy Rodriguez) I wanted to at least hear directly as to why on earth she would want this? I have never really even known this person Cassie Miller so why would they want to attack Me and My friends right? Well… I warned this person, that if they did not comply and tell Me the absolute truth, there would be consequences! So here they are. Voila! (please share!)


Welcome to Posers Exposed

Welcome one and all to Posers Exposed, where we will be posting information about various people on social media who are faking the funk and causing harm to others. These stories will be a reflection of the enormous frustration endured by me and my friends on Facebook as well as other social media. Stay tuned!