Emma Bradley aka Kelly Finn




When i joined FB many many years ago I met a person named Kelly Finn, who at first seemed as a very nice sweet person, easy to talk to and enjoyable. So we talked a lot, she had a ton of issues with herself…then i met her friend Emma Bradley. So i thought: ok, good people to be friends with…but don’t be fooled these two people are actually the same person, a guy, who confessed he made these two profiles up to chat to girls and to pretend to be a lesbian to escape life. He started dating a girl on his Emma account that also found out he was a guy but kept dating him cause she loved him too much…pathetic i know. This person is a serial dater and will lie and date you secretly while always talking to multiple girls. And when he is confronted by people he lies and blocks. Be aware of this person going under names Emma Bradley and Kelly Finn.

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