The Infamous Han Family

The Infamous Han Family

Time to give the Han family 5 min of fame. Well where do I start? The Han family I first met on Facebook, five years ago. I was already suspicious that they were fakes but seeing there was so many of them was hard to find out. But i did some digging and found the real girls in their pics. Both Asian, and Latinas girls. The Han family just looks for sex from girls. They are also dating  each other claiming they have known each other for years some say are sisters others are cousins… blah blah blah, the usual crap fakes pull. It’s probably the same person that gets the thrill out of pretending to be a lesbian so he can sit and cyber girls and ask for pictures… disgusting person and we advise all from adding them on FB or talking to the them.
Han Family consists of: Amanda Marie, Melo Han, Lisa Seoul Han, Tina Han, Chrissy Flores, Rita Rose, Marie Lopez. (Boss Bitch)

From my understanding the Han Family are all one person, with countless profiles, all interacting together and with others, to create the mirage of a large Facebook family of Latina and Asian, as well as Latina/Asian mixed girls, all into other girls, as well as each other. My findings are different than Boss Bitch, as not one of these people ever actually private chatted, just posted to each other and tagged each other to create some kind of “world” to create a sense of intrigue. (Ms. Poser Buster)

Real girls IG are:

Daian Delgado

Mel Bunny

Christen Flores

Danielle xo xo

Maricela De Niz

Maritza Garcia

Who is Cassie Miller?

Ok so when I tried in earnest to confront this person “Cassie Miller( as to why I was hearing “she” was planning to take Me and My friends down, (teaming up with a certain loser calling themselves Kimmy Rodriguez) I wanted to at least hear directly as to why on earth she would want this? I have never really even known this person Cassie Miller so why would they want to attack Me and My friends right? Well… I warned this person, that if they did not comply and tell Me the absolute truth, there would be consequences! So here they are. Voila! (please share!)