Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is the name of a notorious Facebook faker, who spends a ton of real time musing about female clients of her “Booty Builder” Fitness Personal Training business. This person will go on and on every day, with multiple and detailed posts, fantasizing about essentially sexually harassing her clientele. I wonder how they would feel knowing it’s a man, camouflaging his journal as a female poser? The real model is a fitness model with over a million followers on Instagram, named¬†Jacqueline Petzak.¬† This poser is so engrossed, they have actually even created a Facebook Page about their fake personal training business, Amanda Davis Booty Builder Personal Training.

However, with just a bit of searching, we were able to determine that a very similar logo was created back in 2012 by a Charlie Belvin Designs.

Could it be that Charles Belvin of Cheshire, Connecticut is the real identity of the very fake Amanda Davis? Hmmm, at age 32 its quite plausible he could be a personal trainer but we will leave that up to you, our readers to determine…