Who is Cassie Miller?

Ok so when I tried in earnest to confront this person “Cassie Miller(https://www.facebook.com/cassie.miller.1610092) as to why I was hearing “she” was planning to take Me and My friends down, (teaming up with a certain loser¬†calling themselves Kimmy Rodriguez) I wanted to at least hear directly as to why on earth she would want this? I have never really even known this person Cassie Miller so why would they want to attack Me and My friends right? Well… I warned this person, that if they did not comply and tell Me the absolute truth, there would be consequences! So here they are. Voila!¬†(please share!)


Welcome to Posers Exposed

Welcome one and all to Posers Exposed, where we will be posting information about various people on social media who are faking the funk and causing harm to others. These stories will be a reflection of the enormous frustration endured by me and my friends on Facebook as well as other social media. Stay tuned!