Why we do this

Some people ask me, why do you ladies do this? Why bother interrupting peoples’ fun? Well, generally we don’t. Lots of people, even myself at times, want to get away, and live the fantasy of hiding our real faces, being someone else for awhile, so of course I understand. And with the extreme vanity of some of today’s instagram-famous models, it’s very easy and tempting to just become someone hot and wonderfully adored by in some cases millions of fans and followers. But, we go after the true offenders; those who bring harm to others, with lies, abuse, misogyny, and deceit. They don’t merely roleplay, they organize, they seduce emotionally, they manipulate minds, tell us stories of tragedy and sickness, which are just plain out not true, and so they are predators; preying on the loneliness and vulnerability and trust of others online. These are the rude bastards who absolutely must be stopped. and so this has motivated us to take this measure. Facebook favors the losers who attempt to shine a light on; they are in actuality protected by Facebook’s idiotic policies. Often times when we attempt to expose them, Facebook will remove our content under the guise of us being the abusers, and protect the secret lives of these phonies! So here and now, we present you with our own site dedicated to the eradication of these abusers once and for all: Posers Exposed.